Giving back to the local community

The Future Project

Our mission

Improve the lives of vulnerable children

Now a well-established yoga school in Southern Thailand, One Yoga recognizes its capacity and responsibility to give back to those who need it most. This is why we have launched The Future Project, focusing our efforts on supporting Thai orphanages, beginning with Baan San Fan.

The project’s name is straightforward, underscoring the idea that children hold the potential for tomorrow.

Our goal is to assist in improving the current living conditions of the most vulnerable ones through material support and spiritual practice, leading to a fuller, more promising future for all.

Our priority

The Orphanage

Located in the serene countryside of Phang Nga, in the heart of Thailand, Baan San Fan stands as a beacon of hope, a sanctuary for children whose lives have been shadowed by loss and hardship. Founded in the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami, its story is one of profound resilience and unwavering compassion.

Guided by the caring vision of Sam and Gai, Baan San Fan has grown from sheltering tsunami victims in a tent to a nurturing home for children facing the harshest realities of poverty and abandonment. The orphanage, set amidst lush, organic farms and embraced by the local community, aims to offer not just shelter but a family and a future to its residents.

However, the path ahead is fraught with challenges. Baan San Fan strives to shelter, educate, and nurture children who have nowhere else to turn, yet it grapples with financial hardships that threaten its very existence. Compounding these difficulties is the urgent need for renovations to the orphanage’s facilities, a crucial step to secure their operating license.

This pivotal moment calls for collective action, an invitation to extend our help to ensure Baan San Fan continues to be a place of healing and hope. To know more about the orphanage, visit the website

Your act of kindness represents hope, care, and the possibility of a brighter future for these children. Thank you for your heartfelt support and for standing with us in this cause.

How We Can Help

At the heart of our mission lies a vision to forge a lasting partnership with Baan San Fan Orphanage, aiming not just to provide temporary aid but to cultivate a nurturing ecosystem that thrives on mutual growth, love, and kindness.

Our approach seeks to envelop these children in a safe environment that promotes their well-being, steering them towards a life filled with healthier choices, enhanced education, and engagement in sustainable living.

To bring this vision to life, One Yoga is committed to:

  • Launching a Crowdfunding Initiative: A dedicated effort to provide financial support for the orphanage that needs all the help it can get. The first target is to raise funds for the urgent renovations required to maintain its operational license and continue its noble cause.
  • Volunteering Onsite: Encouraging our newly certified yoga teachers to engage directly with the children by teaching them yoga, while also assisting in day-to-day activities that keep the orphanage running.
  • Financial Contributions: Allocating proceeds from our Sunday classes directly to the orphanage’s fund, with a commitment to double the amount raised, ensuring a steady flow of resources to support their immediate and long-term needs.

Through these efforts, we aim to support the sustainability of Baan San Fan and restore its full capacity to provide a shelter and family for 40 children. The scarce resources currently available have limited the orphanage to accommodate only 10 children.

Our main goal is to help it once again reach its full potential to save as many children as possible from the streets and ensure they can not only survive but rather thrive and be wrapped in love and care as they deserve.

How You Can Help

Would you like to make a difference in the lives of children who need it most? At Baan San Fan Orphanage, every hand extended in help brings them one step closer to a brighter future. Here’s how you can contribute to improving their lives:

For Anyone:

  • Make a financial contribution. Every dollar counts.
  • Share our mission on social media to raise awareness, inviting more support from around the globe. Here’s the link to this page:
  • Volunteer with Baan San Fan directly – sign up on their homepage.

For One Yoga Graduates:

  • Express your interest in volunteering when enrolling in your Teacher Training Course (TTC) or before your course concludes.
  • At the orphanage, engage in daily yoga instruction for the children and possibly the staff. This is also a great opportunity for you to extend your practicum and get hands-on experience right after your TTC.
  • Participate in other activities around the orphanage, such as educational support, light maintenance, or farming, enriching both your experience and the lives of the children.

Please understand that at this moment, Baan San Fan is not in a position to offer free food and lodging for volunteers. Instead, it needs all the help we can give. A daily contribution of $35 is required to cover your accommodation and meals, ensuring your stay supports the orphanage financially.