9 years experience



Elisabeth’s love for exploring the beauty, mystery, and depths of the body-mind initially took her all around the world as a professional dancer for 15 years. Interested in nature, science, philosophy, psychology, and esotericism – yogic teachings and practices not only initiated profound healing and integration but also opened doors to an expanded, ever-evolving way of living and experiencing life.

She has taken part in multiple teacher trainings with a strong focus on Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, and Tantra, some of her most influential teachers being Alexey Vyazovov, Christopher Wallis (Hareesh), Kosta Miachin, Michael Lazano, Andrey Lappa, Eshe Kunzang, Sofia Sundari and Swami Khecaranatha. She enjoys both sharing and diving into the essence and heart of yogic teachings.

In recent years, she has studied with the Oxford Centre of Hindu Studies, Classical Tantric Arts and Sciences with Tantra Illuminated, Tibetan Buddhism with The Vajra Path, as well as exploring crossovers between modern science and metaphysical idealism with professors involved in the Essentia Foundation by Bernardo Kastrup.

Having visited close to 50 countries through her work and passion she is happy to continuously be inspired, learn from, and work with various places, environments, and teachers, recently spending time in India, Nepal, and Bhutan. Coming to Thailand yearly since 2016 it has for a long time been a sanctuary of peace, natural beauty, and finally her home.

Her classes are devoted to cultivating harmony in the body as well as deeper access to our innate stillness, joy, wisdom, and that which is beyond.