8 years experience



Aravind, hailing from Pondicherry, India, grew up in Auroville, a community focused on yoga and spirituality. This upbringing sparked a profound connection to these ancient practices, particularly meditation and breathwork, as powerful tools for inner harmony and self-discovery.

Guided by a deep understanding of breath’s rhythm, Aravind leads transformative journeys towards wholeness. Drawing inspiration from nature and ancient wisdom, they create a safe space for individuals to reconnect with their true selves. Through mindful breathing, guests explore their inner depths, release stress, and unlock hidden potential, finding beauty and power in every breath.

Aravind’s approach is rooted in compassion, empathy, and intuition, fostering an environment that nurtures personal growth. With gentle guidance and insightful teachings, they empower participants to transcend limitations, heal emotional wounds, and find solace within. Together, they embark on a path of self-reflection, releasing past burdens and embracing the richness of the present moment.

Join Aravind in this sacred sanctuary of self-reflection and rejuvenation, where the soothing sounds of waves blend with your breath’s rhythm. In the transformative energy of Koh Phangan, we undertake a shared journey of self-discovery, uncovering inner radiance, nurturing peace, and embracing life’s vibrant tapestry.