What to Pack for Your Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand

You have decided on joining a yoga teacher training course in the beautiful country of Thailand. Congratulations! You are giving yourself the gift of a life-changing experience. A month-long yoga teacher training is an intense, transformational journey that doesn’t only take you all the way to another country, but also deep within yourself.


Now, you might be asking yourself “What do I need to pack to make sure my training goes smoothly?” Here is our comprehensive packing list that will help prepare you for the big adventure ahead:


Yoga Teacher Training Packing List


More Yoga Gear Than You Think You Need

Bring your most comfortable yoga clothes: breathable tops, functional yoga bottoms and sports bras. Remember that you are going to practice yoga for four hours daily, so rather bring an extra pair of shorts – especially if you don’t want to spend your precious free time doing laundry.


Clothes For Everyday Wear

While you will be running around in your yoga gear most of the time, during your break time you might want to change into your everyday wear as you explore the surrounding areas. A light scarf will always come in handy. It can cover you from a cool breeze in the evenings and will keep you cozy during savasana.



Thailand is home to some of the most beautiful beaches worldwide. Imagine crystal-clear, turquoise water and white, sandy beaches surrounded by coconut trees. One Yoga even has its very own private beach, perfect for a refreshing afternoon swim.


Flip Flops

Even though Koh Phangan is known as a Hippie Island and quite a few people walk barefoot wherever they go, a pair of flip flops comes highly recommended. Slip them on for the short walk from your bungalow to the yoga shala, or take them for a stroll through town.



Only pack the bare necessities: sunscreen, mosquito repellent, deodorant and sanitary products. During your training you won’t have time to worry about your appearance, so don’t weigh down your suitcase with tons of makeup and styling products.


Yoga Towel And Sweat Towel

The weather in Thailand can be quite hot and humid. If you are worried about slipping and sliding on your yoga mat, consider bringing a yoga towel. It will keep your mat dry, and you safely on two feet, even in the trickiest asanas.


Journal And Pens

During your training course, you will spend a considerable amount of time off your mat, learning all the other skills that will make you a great yoga teacher. Bring a notebook and pens to write down your thoughts on yoga philosophy, some Sanskrit vocabulary, or to plan neat sequences.


Your teachers will definitely be able to suggest a few “must-reads” for yogis. If you are keen on studying in your free time, take some books with you on the journey. Otherwise, why don’t you take your favorite science fiction or romance novel for the occasional lazy lunch break in your hammock?


Camera Or Camera Phone

There will be countless amazing moments during your teacher training – more than you could ever capture on camera! Still, you might want to have one handy for recording special memories: a breathtaking sunset over the ocean, a hug with your new friends, or the moment when you finally master that “impossible” yoga pose.


An Open Mind

During your teacher training, you will learn things that are completely new to you. Especially the first attempts at teaching might seem scary, but don’t let that stop you from pursuing your passion. Step outside your comfort zone and let the magical transformation happen.


Things To Leave At Home


Your Own Yoga Mat

After a long journey – crammed into a suitcase or backpack – and hours and hours of daily yoga your mat might show signs of wear and tear. For that reason, most yoga schools in Thailand provide yoga mats for their students. Unless you are specifically asked to bring your own, you can save those extra kilos.


A Reusable Water bottle

At One Yoga we believe in living life in harmony with nature: not taking more than we need, avoiding waste, and keeping our beautiful planet healthy. We want to help our students in avoiding plastic waste by providing them with their very own reusable water bottle. That way we are also supporting a local non-profit organization with the aim to clean, educate and change the world.


Fancy Clothes and Makeup

In Thailand, life is simple. Between your yoga school’s campus, the beach and your favorite shops and cafés you won’t need high heels or shiny eyeshadow. Embrace your natural beauty and enjoy the simplicity of island life.


Too Many Distractions

Enjoy a true digital detox by switching off your phone during your training hours. This will allow you to be fully present in the moment.


Your Expectations

No matter where you are in the world, things don’t always go as planned. By leaving your expectations at home, you allow yourself to fully enjoy the ride without the burden of your assumptions.


Now, before you run off to pack your bag, remember that less is more. During your teacher training, you will go so deep into yoga that there will be little time for anything else. Besides, you might want to leave some space for souvenirs…


Most importantly, enjoy the journey. You will gain an abundance of knowledge, overcome challenges, and make amazing new friends. Remember, this is only the beginning of your adventure!


If you haven’t found the teacher training of your dreams yet, check out the 200h Yoga Teacher Training at One Yoga. Imagine yourself on a yoga mat, in a bright and airy shala, breathing in the tropical ocean breeze, surrounded by palm trees and like-minded yogis.


What are you waiting for?

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