Tips for New Yoga Teachers – 8 steps after graduating your YTT

Congratulations! You graduated from your Yoga Teacher Training – but now what? You spent hours studying, earned your certification, and even taught your first class, but after returning home you might be wondering how to get a successful teaching career started. While your YTT has planted the seed, you now need to nourish it to become the best yoga teacher you can be.


Deepen your own Yoga Practice.

After your Yoga Teacher Training, you are equipped with a deeper understanding of yoga and its tools – asana, pranayama, meditation, etc. Now is the time to refine this understanding and put it into (your own) practice. Slowly, but surely, you will find your own voice!


Be a student.

By going to different yoga classes, you can learn from many teachers. Take a notebook with you to write down interesting sequences, a unique transition or great cues for tricky yoga postures. Don’t worry about copying, every teacher gets inspired by others. In fact, every experienced teacher has been in your shoes when they started and they can give you valuable advice!

Continue your education.

After your YTT, the learning doesn’t stop! Maybe there was a topic in your course that was new to you. Maybe you struggled to remember anatomical terms or the seven chakras. That is exactly what you should keep exploring. There are countless workshops, both online and offline that will take you deeper. Maybe consider specializing in your favorite style of yoga, or learning how to work with a specific group of students (seniors, children, prenatal, etc).

Register with Yoga Alliance.

This step is not obligatory, but registering with Yoga Alliance is definitely worth considering. If your school is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) you are eligible to become a member which will open many doors if you wish to teach internationally. In addition, you gain access to their directory listing, online workshops, resources, and discounted liability insurance.

Do a Teaching Internship.

Before enrolling in a YTT, ask your school if they can offer you the opportunity to gain practical experience. At One Yoga we want to provide ongoing support to our students – even after graduation. That’s why we created the opportunity to teach free drop-in classes. It allows our grads to practice their teaching skills right away in a safe and supportive environment. Find out more about our Yoga Teacher Training to explore how you can grow with us.

Teach for free.

Maybe you cannot – or don’t want to – find a paid position right away. This doesn’t have to hold you back from teaching though. Teaching free classes is a great opportunity to rack up teaching hours, get experience, and gain exposure in your community. Teach free community classes at the beach or in the park. Get your friends, family or colleagues on the mat. Volunteer as a yoga teacher at your local church, school, kindergarten or youth club. Get creative!

Tips for New Yoga Teachers

Get on studio sub-lists.

While it can be challenging to find a teaching job right away, you can get on the sub-lists of your favorite yoga studios and local gyms. Whenever one of their teachers has to call in sick that will be your time to shine! You have to be spontaneous and open to as many opportunities as possible, but in return, you will gain great exposure at the studios you’re trying to impress.

Face your Fears.

Even though you spent hours and hours practicing during your YTT, teaching your first class can be daunting. Don’t let that fear hold you back from pursuing your passion and chasing your dreams. In moments of self-doubt or uncertainty, remember your reason for wanting to share the essence of yoga with the world.

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