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The Team

We are an experienced team of teachers that are passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga. Each of us has our own unique teaching style and focus, which will give you exposure to both the dynamic and meditative styles of yoga. Our broad international experience in yoga and meditation will ensure that you receive high-quality training with elements from different teachers, styles, and schools.

Being in the presence of experienced teachers aides transformation on a subtle level day-by-day. Our teachers will show you different ways to reconnect with your true essence through theory and practice.

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Surya Shivjot

Surya Shivjot embraces the very qualities that allow us to embody yoga to the fullest. Change is constant – in all levels of life, and she supports a practice that expands our boundaries, transforms perspectives, and creates positive change.

Surya is an international Yoga Teacher in Hatha, Kundalini, and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (RYT700), Yoga Teacher Trainer, Somatic Movement Educator (MA, SME) and Dancer, who grew up in Lapland, Finland. Her personal devotion to Somatic Movement, Vipassana Meditation, and Kundalini Yoga comes through from her teachings and she seeks ways to help her students to find a deeper connection to the subtle bodies and sensory awareness, which she sees as a doorway for higher forms of transformation and awakening. Her passion for ancient yogic science led her to study across India, where she felt blessed to study under Indian yogis and Spiritual Masters. She is inspired to share the practices and inner work of self-inquiry that have had profound effects in her own life, in which the body-mind is finally free to let go and relax into ease and joy.

Surya imparts her passion for holistic wellbeing and ancient yoga philosophy and in her teachings, inspiring students to find their fullest potential and ability to gain self-responsibility – from bodily health to self-transformation. Exploration of embodied mindfulness guides the students to awaken the inner alignment of creativity and intuition, changing our relationship to how we relate to the world in a more compassionate and authentic way. Happiness is our birthright and no matter what our background, age, state of health, or religion is, we are capable of finding our innate ability to shine our light and become our dream. Returning to the mysterious union with the body, consciousness, and soul.


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Lumi Tanaka

Lumi is a yoga practitioner for over 9 years and has been teaching since 2015 in places like Thailand, India, Malaysia, and Europe. She currently leads 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Courses on the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand and organizes retreats and workshops all over the world.

Through studying with experienced teachers and her personal practice (Ashtanga Mysore) she has acquired a deep understanding of how to integrate the more subtle aspects of breath and mindfulness to the asana practice, incorporating these elements to her teaching. Paired with a deep knowledge of alignment and movement principles, she approaches the practice in a holistic manner, in order to benefit body, mind, and soul. 

In her annual trips to India, she deepens her knowledge in philosophy by studying Advaita Vedanta and key yoga scriptures. She is also a Reiki Master.

Lumi teaches Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Alignment, Ashtanga Vinyasa, and Yin Yoga.


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Sergio León Candia

Sergio León Candia holds a Bachelor of Education and is a Physical Education teacher. He also holds a Master of Arts degree in Buddhist Studies from the International Buddhist College, Thailand. He had his first contact with Eastern Philosophy during his teenage years of martial arts training.

In 2008, he dedicated 5 years to travel around the world to work in different areas and learn more about life. During his stay in Thailand, he went on to different Buddhist meditation retreats. With the intention of creating a place where the study of Dharma, the practice of healthy living and sustainable human settlements can be combined, he returned to Chile in 2013, to co-create an ecological agriculture and sustainable living project.

In 2015 he obtained a Permaculture Design diploma from The Permaculture Institute of Australia. During 2017 he returns to Thailand to finish his Master’s Degree at IBC and participates in conferences in that country and in Malaysia, exposing the subject of Dharma and ecology. This work was published by the Buddhist magazine “Eastern Horizon” of Malaysia to which he still contributes to. Currently, he still researches the Early Buddhist texts and shares Anapanasati meditation.


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Akari Tamura

Originally from Japan, Akari Tamura is a dedicated yogini and a lover of Truth, known for her inspirational style of teaching and self-expression towards healing, love, and empowerment. 

Akari has a unique way to inspire students all around the world by transmitting embodied wisdom from the heart. Incorporating the vibrational power of the spiritual heart through Sankalpa (heart-felt intention) and Bhavana (deepest feeling in the moment), Akari creates and holds a sacred space for students both outer-physical and inner-spiritual journey. 

Since 2006, she has devoted years of study in traditional Hatha Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Hinduism, Jnana Yoga (meditation, self-inquiry), Advaita (non-duality), Tibetan Buddhism, and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. With great respect for all lineages, she began teaching internationally in 2013 and has taught classes, workshops, retreats, and teacher training courses in Australia, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, India, France, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany. Akari’s teaching encompasses asana, pranayama, vinyasa, meditation, Tantra, physical yoga anatomy, energy anatomy, self-inquiry, meditation, mudra, mantra, mythology, and vast knowledge of yogic philosophy. 

Apart from a yoga teacher, Akari is also a well-known Kirtan leader with a decade long background in classical music study. Akari feels that music is a way to connect to the center of our vastness, just like how it was for the purpose of liberation at Vedic time in India. Akari’s other background includes a degree in sociology, several years of humanitarian work in Africa and SE Asia, knowledge of permaculture design with experience of living off-grid, extensive training, and working experience in theta healing, aromatherapy, herbalism, massage, and bodywork. 

Akari’s dharma (soul purpose) is to elevate the consciousness of humanity towards expansive love of our true nature through the practice of yoga, the art of music, power of intentions, the radical affirmation of both light and shadow within, and becoming a true channel of our full potentiality for the world that we love to create. Walking on this yogic path with gratitude, Akari is passionate to share the beauty of cherishing the most intimate relationship within all of us – between me and the Divine. Home is where thy heart is.

To become the channel of light (prana) in the lotus flowers (7 chakras) unfolding is the highest vision!


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George Anthony

George is a student of life and a practitioner of numerous arts in addition to classical Yoga. As an American seeking broader experiences he traveled to Thailand in 2008 to become a yoga teacher, certified through Yoga Elements Studio. He has practiced Hatha Vinyasa Yoga for over 12 years and taught internationally at teacher training courses, retreats, & workshops since 2009 through SEA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. 

His uplifting and high energy is an inspiring current from which flows his lessons to share the experience of connection and mindfulness. To George, this includes the balanced practice of asana, breathwork, calisthenics, fitness, chanting, meditation, visualization, intermittent fasting, raw & vegan diet, artistic expression, service works, inclusive mindset, as well as controlling the base animal instincts and reactive ego-mind. In his classes, he incorporates elements of focused Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Kundalini, Iyengar, and Yin yoga while weaving in life lessons and yoga philosophy, spoken from the heart. 

George is also trained and certified in Reiki, Thai massage, and Acroyoga. He continues to explore a fulfilling lifestyle and the methods of teaching that facilitate healing, joy, and a healthy challenge to stimulate real development.


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Lorraine Taylor

From a very young age, Lorraine was fascinated by the beauty of movement and music. Her childhood was spent exploring the body through gymnastics, ice skating and different styles of dance.

In her early twenties, a strong calling to the path of Yoga became the catalyst for many deeper realisations in her life and she left everything behind to follow this call. She has now been a dedicated Yogini and lover of Truth for almost thirty years. She specialises in offering an insightful feminine way of practising Yoga, bringing forth her love of Tantra and Kashmir Shaivism. 

She has also dedicated many years to the study of Jnana (Non Duality), Bhakti (Devotion) as well as Traditional Hatha Yoga which has led her to discover the depths of the Yogic practice, understanding the beauty of the fluid form while investigating the more subtle layers that exist within us. Ultimately pointing to what lies beyond which is the true meaning of Yoga. Oneness.


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Alex Yogi

Alex is the founder of Higher Yoga Academy that provides educational products for yoga schools, freelance yoga teachers, and private practitioners worldwide. Being in love with meditation and eastern philosophy, Alex has been studying and practicing yoga since 2000, constantly aiming to realize its essence beyond the physical.

He apprenticed with a yoga master, received spiritual initiation, and started to teach classes on classical Ashtanga and Bhakti yoga in 2006. Since then Alex is committed to sharing the knowledge of self-realized yogis along with experience and insights received during his apprenticeship, years of everyday meditations, living in isolation and solitude, and immersions into a wide range of yogic practices such as jnana-, karma-, raja-, Hatha-, tantra-, bhakti-yoga and others.

Alex’s mission is to explain the essence and hidden power of yoga in a simplistic, digestible manner in order to assist practitioners in all parts of our planet. Yoga is much deeper than it is widely thought to be nowadays, and Alex is convinced that this precious knowledge must be preserved. He firmly believes that it’s much more important to practice yoga in our day-to-day life than on a mat. Currently

Alex teaches yoga philosophy and technique within yoga teacher training courses and develops online programs and manuals to disseminate the essence of yoga all over the world.


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Danny Taylor

Danny Taylor, cofounder and teacher at One Yoga, started his spiritual journey over a decade ago, studying both Buddhist and Non-Dual literature until he went on his first Vipassana Meditation retreat. Since then, Danny has never looked back, devoting his life to Self-realization, practicing, studying, and teaching.

Danny first began exploring Thailand in 2007 as part of his passion for Muay Thai. The more time he spent in Thailand, the more he felt drawn to Buddhism. After attending numerous meditation retreats, Danny felt the need to deepen his understanding of the teachings of the Buddha. He became a student at The International Buddhist College in Thailand, where he spent a year living with monks, practicing and studying Buddhist teachings. Meditation and Yoga have since become part of his daily life, and a day without practice has become unimaginable.

Although Danny spent the first years of his spiritual journey practicing Vipassana Meditation, he has since explored many techniques from different traditions: Non-dual teachings, Hatha Yoga, Zen, Qi-gong, Transcendental Meditation, Kriya Yoga, AYP (Advanced Yoga Practices), and more.


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Astrid van Zon

Whilst being on a self-healing journey and wandering the world, Yoga has always been Astrid’s main tool to stay healthy, compassionate, and present with whatever presented itself. Residing in ashrams and spiritual communities for many years she founded a teaching “home” in India in 2012 for 5 years before returning back to Koh Phangan. With over 1500+ Yoga Alliance certified training hours – from which 500 are specific in Yin Yoga and Functional/Subtle Anatomy – her fascination for how the body functions and is able to heal itself with the holistic approach drove her to dive deeper in other therapy forms like Thai Massage, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine combined with Western Science and Psychotherapy. 

Inspired by her Yin-masters Paul Grilley, Jo Phee, Sarah Powers, and Bernie Clark,  she studied with many teachers in the same lineage digging deeper and deeper into the Functional and Subtle/Holistic approach of Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Being. In a need for even more healing, knowledge and self-development, and a strong desire to combine Science & Psychotherapy with Ayurveda and Yoga, Astrid graduated in 2017 as a Yoga Therapist (IAYT-950).

Astrid loves to share her passion and insights. All her teachings are in harmony with the practitioner’s own body (we are all different!) and from there she is eager to find possibilities together to learn and evolve. This personal approach and attention is the main aspect you will find in all her teachings and in her one-to-one Yoga Therapy sessions. Another big inspiration and anchor for her own being and teaching is rooted in the concept of “Alignment from Within”, combined with the Breath, Yoga Philosophy, Selfless Service (Karma Yoga), the Art of Devotion (Bhakti Yoga) and Contact Improvisation Dance.

Having taught in TTCs for a few years now, she is grateful for all the teachers behind the teacher, and very honored to have designed and is teaching the “Physical & Functional Anatomy and Physiology” part of the 200-RYT training for One Yoga.


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Henrik is the Co-Founder of One Yoga. With over 30 years of experience in yoga and meditation, he has vast knowledge and experience with different styles of yoga, teachers, and schools. He received his Yoga teacher training from S-VYASA Yoga University India and founded Art of Yoga in Singapore, a yoga studio with over 15 experienced yoga teachers. This has enabled him to design a high-quality teacher training program with an international team of experienced teachers.

Henrik has studied Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Tantra, Meditation, Qigong and Ayurveda at several famous schools around the world including Scandinavian Yoga & Meditation School (Sweden), Bihar School of Yoga (India), VYASA Yoga & Ayurveda (Singapore), Chopra Center (USA), Center of Transcendental Meditation (Denmark), Zenmind (Denmark), Ichuan Standing Meditation School (Denmark) and MIT Qigong (USA).

He holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering and also has vast work and business experience within IT, Finance and Real Estate. Having felt the benefits of yoga and meditation on himself over the years, he feels that there is nothing more meaningful than spreading this knowledge to others.