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Danny Taylor, co-founder and teacher at One Yoga, started his spiritual journey over a decade ago, studying both Buddhist and Non-Dual literature until he went on his first Vipassana Meditation retreat. Since then, Danny has never looked back, devoting his life to Self-realization, practicing, studying, and teaching. Danny first began exploring Thailand in 2007 as part of his passion for Muay Thai. The more time he spent in Thailand, the more he felt drawn to Buddhism. After attending numerous meditation retreats, Danny felt the need to deepen his understanding of the teachings of the Buddha. He became a student at The International Buddhist College in Thailand, where he spent a year living with monks, practicing and studying Buddhist teachings. Meditation and Yoga have since become part of his daily life, and a day without practice has become unimaginable.

Although Danny spent the first years of his spiritual journey practicing Vipassana Meditation, he has since explored many techniques from different traditions: Non-dual teachings, Hatha Yoga, Zen, Qi-gong, Transcendental Meditation, Kriya Yoga, AYP (Advanced Yoga Practices), and more.