April 05, 2019

Importance of Yoga in modern life

Our modern lifestyle requires unreasonable expectations to achieve something in our overworked and overscheduled culture. The tempo of life is fast and we rarely rest in tranquility. Why is it that we need yoga more than ever before? What can yoga and meditation contribute to our modern lifestyle?

Give yourself a break

Although we have all the comforts, technology and medical facilities, we are living in a constant desperate lack for something that seems to be missing. The modern life value seems to be in material achievements, with the cost of physical and mental health. We are always graving for more, in search for accomplishments and never satisfied. Our excessive hunger removes us from the present, and all too often we get stuck into our mental realm of unhealthy boundaries or holding onto the stories our thoughts create. We numb ourselves with laptops, TV’s and substance abuse. Improper breathing and eating makes our internal organs suffer. When you are internally unhealthy, there’s no way you can feel healthy outside. As a result, we live stressful, pessimistic, unhealthy and unhappy life. It is rare that we stop to feel and listen to what we actually need, what is our souls purpose and what brings us most truthful joy. Our active mind and disconnection from the body and intuition prevents us to be fully alive and taste the freedom of liberated human mind. Yoga teaches us to give a break from it all – a moment of calm, pause in between, a deep breath and appreciation. To maintain a positive physical and mental health, yoga can refurbish your attitude toward life. It transforms the vehicles of the body mind so that emotional states stabilize and feelings of lacking one thing and wanting another, begin to fall away. Yoga teaches you how to fall in love with yourself again and again.

Be childlike and dance

Our minds are created to think, and we do not want to push all the thoughts away, but to use them more wisely and not get attached to them. When we practice yoga and meditation, we affect our brain chemistry, so that there is space to find something fruitful in between the thought waves. To have capacity to feel ourselves and the world around us, to expand our field of being and brake the old habitual and limiting patterns. To heal stresses and anxieties, heart problems, hypertension, obesity… When we practice yoga, we release the body. We allow it to open up to a new perception, and new acceptance to the life force within us and trusting to the wisdom it carries to lead a healthy lifestyle. From restoring the body vitals to its former glory to strengthening the emotional resilience.

Yoga is not about performing, but about becoming you, over and over again moving into a state of being that unlocks something that analytical mind cannot quite grasp. When you practice yoga, you allow yourself to take it all less seriously, to let your inner child loose and dance freely with all that is. It unlocks the hidden creativity that flows like a nectar deep in your being, ready to be discovered. Yoga is about opening up to the mystic divine force that makes you laugh compassionately, compose in harmony within the environment and be liberated from the tightness of the controlling and time-starved mind. To be less restless, judgmental, more loving, more creative and spontaneous, unchained, unbound!

At One Yoga we love the fruits of yoga! Yoga is absolutely unique tool for restoring body mind’s capacity to love boundlessly. We have witnessed how yoga practice results in deepening in self-realization, that fosters inner connectedness which is the route to awakening radiance within you. Everyone can practice this and it’s never too late to start. Join our amazing Yoga Teacher Training course if you want to discover the true depths of yoga practice.