April 17, 2021

Best Online Yoga Classes – A Comparison

It’s no longer a secret that yoga offers countless benefits for the body, mind, and soul: Yoga helps relieve tension and stress, boosts your energy levels, improves focus, and is a powerful way to reconnect with yourself. Thus, it’s not surprising that millions of people worldwide have started practicing yoga on a regular basis.

If you want to make yoga a daily habit and receive guidance from world-class teachers without the hassle of driving to your local studio, you now have countless options of online yoga subscription services. Keep reading our top picks to find the perfect online studio for your practice:

Alo Moves

With Alo Moves you get the full yoga and fitness studio experience from the comfort of your home. They offer not only a variety of yoga videos but also strength training, HIIT, barre, pilates, and more for those who want to get their sweat on. Sort classes by duration, style, difficulty, and intensity to create a perfectly tailored practice.

Free Trial: 14 Days
Monthly Fee: $20
Annual Fee: $199

One Yoga Online Studio

Launched in 2020, the One Yoga Online Studio is the newest member on the list. But don’t let this fool you! One Yoga has been offering successful Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Thailand for over three years, certifying more than 300 students annually. With the Online Studio, One Yoga is opening their virtual doors for yogis of all experience levels who want to experience the holistic depths of yoga: Classes don’t only focus on the physical practice, but include meditation, breathwork, mantras, and workshops on ancient yoga philosophy.

With unlimited access to hundreds of videos, you can fully customize your practice with filters for any style, level, duration, and teacher. New videos are added daily, so you’ll always have fresh classes to look forward to.

Another great feature of the One Yoga Online Studio is its supportive community: You’ll join an interactive group to ask questions, share your experiences, and get to know fellow students and teachers. Weekly livestreams give you another opportunity to connect with your teachers and receive direct guidance on your yoga journey.

Free Trial: 30 Days
Monthly Fee: $14.99
Annual Fee: $149

Yoga International

With more than a million users, Yoga International has become one of the world’s largest online yoga platforms and is fulfilling their mission of making yoga accessible to all.

What makes Yoga International stand out? Probably their online courses, challenges and programs on a variety of topics including “Functional Anatomy”, “Self Massage for Yogis” and “Yoga for Kids” that are useful both for beginning yoga practitioners and seasoned teachers.

Free Trial: 14 Days
Monthly Fee: $19.99
Annual Fee: $119.88


In addition to offering 4000+ yoga videos on demand, Glo livestreams classes that members from around the world can join in real-time for an intimate studio experience. Not only do you receive expert guidance, but also the encouragement and accountability you need to make yoga a daily habit.

Free Trial: 7 Days
Monthly Fee: $18


YogaAnytime has a unique concept: Instead of binge-watching the latest TV shows on Netflix, you can delve into one of their 125 yoga shows. Each show is tailored to specific needs, levels, and interests. Find pain relief and practice self-care with shows like “The Happy Back” and “Yoga for Trauma”, dive into meditation or practice “Good Morning Yoga”. 

With unlimited access to thousands of videos, you’ll deepen your practice season by season, episode by episode.

Free Trial: 15 Days
Monthly Fee: $18


YogiApproved offers hundreds of yoga, fitness and mindfulness classes. With every class you join, you don’t just do something for yourself, you also give back – YogiApproved has committed to planting a tree for every class their members complete.

On their website, you’ll also find lots of interesting articles about health, wellness, relationships, travel, and food.

Free Trial: 14 Days
Monthly Fee: $14

Ekhart Yoga

Ekhart Yoga was founded by Esther Ekhart, a therapist and dedicated practitioner of yoga and meditation. Today, Esther and her team of 40+ teachers have created thousands of classes in a wide range of styles and levels. With programs like “Yoga for Complete Beginners”, “20 Mindful Minutes” and “Yoga Willpower Workout”, there is something for everyone.

That’s not all! Their vast library is full of useful articles and resources to supplement your yoga practice: A guide to the different yoga styles, in-depth explanations of postures, a dictionary of popular yoga terms, and free sequences for download.

Free Trial: 14 Days
Monthly Fee: €16
Annual Fee: €160

These are our favorite picks from the rich and diverse world of online yoga. We hope you’re feeling informed and ready to start your at-home yoga practice! Please share your recommendations and personal favorites in the comments. Until then, enjoy your practice!