April 03, 2019

5 Benefits of Early Morning Yoga Practice

Do you find it difficult to stick to your enthusiasm to practice yoga bright and early in the day? Yes, you might be tempted to hit the snooze button and go back to dreamland but here are 5 awesome reasons that might help you stick to your plan and practice yoga first thing in the morning!

Benefit # 1 – Yoga will wake you up like a double espresso

Yoga breathing will stimulate your body and mind. The fresh oxygen and energy boost from deep breathing will wake your brain. Sometimes we wake up feeling groggy; Yoga breathing will clear the fuzz away, help you feel energized and give you clarity. It will help you feel brighter and more alive.

Benefit # 2- Taking time for yourself

It is someone difficult to fit in a yoga class during the middle of the day, and by the evening you may be feeling too tired. Doing your practice first thing in the morning can be a relief as you take the pressure off yourself to find time to do it after a busy day. You can also remind yourself how awesome you are for making the choice to get up and treat yourself to yoga.  Thinking positively about yourself and your morning accomplishment will take you further than you may realize.

Benefit # 3- Bring calmness to your day

Practicing yoga early in the morning will set the tone for your whole day. It will calm and center you before you go about your day. It will help you to remember your breath and to practice loving kindness and compassion. The magnetic field of our hearts extends outside of our physical bodies. Others around you will feel and benefit from your love and inner peace.

Benefit # 4 – You will look and feel more vibrant

The stretching in yoga makes our body tighter, lighter, and brighter. It raises serotonin levels; endorphins and other feel good chemicals and that will all show up in the glow of your skin. Studies show that people who practice yoga can actually slow down the aging of the heart, liver and kidneys. Your insides will reflect on the outside. Your eyes will get brighter and your body will feel taller.

Benefit # 5 – You will help your digestive system

Yoga helps speed up our metabolisms. When you practice yoga early in the day you actually improve your digestion. Food will burn up faster and as a result more nutrients will move through your body. When you have enough nutrients moving through efficiently, then your body metabolizes fats and carbs faster and your

insides will be running at tip top speed!

So with all these benefits in mind, set your alarm bright and early, get on your mat to breath and stretch . You will be so proud of yourself and you might even motivate someone else to start practicing yoga!